5 PS5 Hidden Features You Should Try

A few helpful features on the PS5 are occasionally tucked away in its Settings menus.

Play games without cost

It’s no secret that the PS5 has a wide selection of well-known free-to-play games, like Genshin Impact, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. There are, however, about 100 F2P PS5 titles available, some of which you might not even be familiar with. Visit the PlayStation Store and select the All Free-to-Play Games category to view the whole list. Then scroll down till you find anything that interests you. Of course, there are multiplayer shooters, but there are also role-playing games, sports simulations, and other games. You should be able to discover anything you like, and the only thing you have to lose is a little of your time.

Modify or turn off DualSense features

One of the PS5’s features that causes the most controversy is undoubtedly the DualSense controller. Some gamers adore its soft and cutting-edge haptics, while others despise its overpowering trigger mechanisms. Whatever your opinions on the DualSense, you can adjust its acuity level to your liking. You can change the Vibration and Trigger Effect intensities by choosing the Controllers option in the Accessibility or Accessories menu. You can make these features more understated if you’re on the fence about them, or you may fully disable them if you hate them. Although it won’t alter the DualSense’s outward appearance, it’s a beginning.

Monitor costs on your Wishlist

The cost of console games is high. There is simply no getting around that. Popular games often start at approximately $70 and don’t typically experience significant price drops for years. Waiting for a sale is the most excellent option if you want to save money. However, PlayStation Store sales are somewhat sporadic, and monitoring a game you want to buy is bothersome. Instead, you may click the tiny heart icon next to the price to add the game to your Wishlist on the PlayStation Store. By doing this, you’ll be notified when the cost of the game drops so that you can buy it at that time.

Your game’s preset settings

This PS5 tip has the potential to save you the most time of any on this list. There is a section named Game Presets in the Saved Data and Game/App Settings submenu. Here, you can select the default options you want to use each time a new game is launched. These comprise the level of difficulty, performance or resolution options, inverted controls for first- and third-person perspectives, and subtitle preference. You’ll need to double-check Sony’s work because not every game will accurately detect your choices. However, this one will save you some time if you know in advance what level of difficulty, frame rate, and audio settings you prefer in each game.

With no headphones, listen to 3D audio

Although a little experimental, you have nothing to lose by trying this function. The PS5 has a significant edge over the PS4 due to the addition of 3D audio, which should make headphones-only gaming sound more immersive. However, you may also use the PS5’s 3D audio setting for TV speakers by selecting it from the Sound menu’s Audio Output section. The PS5 will prompt you to calibrate the system once you switch the toggle. Prepare your ears in advance because this features some loud and bothersome noises. Flick the toggle off if the 3D audio isn’t to your taste.