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7 Top Features to Use Microsoft Teams to The Fullest Potential


One of the office heroes that made it possible for companies worldwide to successfully operate from home when the epidemic struck was online communication solutions like Microsoft Teams. When it came to allowing their workers to work remotely, many firms turned to Microsoft Teams because of its user-friendly design and plenty of communication and collaboration tools. Flexible, hybrid, and remote working is now accepted work practices, and Microsoft Teams supports them all. You may have mastered the platform’s functionality, but how can you be sure that you’re utilizing all of Microsoft Teams’ capabilities when there are so many of them?
The following 7 features will empower you to greatly boost your productivity and produce more interesting discussions.

Organize Your Teams, Channels and Chats

1. Save Messages for Later


If you are busy and can’t reply to all the messages immediately, but want to get back to them later on, this feature is for you. Just click the three dots button at the upper right corner of the message, then hit save this message. If you want to check all your saved items, click on your profile in the top right corner, then select Saved from the menu. Alternatively, you may type /saved into the top search box to access all of your saved messages.

2. Select the Teams and Channels You Love

Although having favorites is supposedly not a good thing, it can be rather helpful when organizing your notifications within Microsoft Teams. If you receive a lot of correspondence throughout the day, the teams and channels you interact the most frequently can get lost. A team or channel is moved to the top of the list once you mark them as favorites. Hit the three dots next to the team and choose Favorite to mark a team or channel as a favorite.

Boost Productivity

3. Do Not Disturb

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of calm time without any interruptions from notifications. To silence these disturbances, turn on the “Do Not Disturb” option. You can change your status to “Do Not Disturb” by clicking on your profile symbol. You may also enable “Do Not Disturb” mode by typing /dnd into the search bar if you want to check out the command shortcut option.

What if, though, you don’t want to miss any necessary messages or updates? For specific people whose communications you don’t want to skip, you can select priority access. To activate priority access, go to your profile, select Manage Account, then Privacy Settings, where you can choose Manage Priority Access under Do not disturb.

4. Quickly Message Someone

The instant message has nothing to do with quick when you have to pause what you’re doing in the Microsoft Teams app to locate the chat with the relevant contact in Teams. It’s not necessary to be like that. Simply put @ in the search field, type the recipient’s name, click on it, and then type your message and send it from there. That is the definition of quick!

Improved Communication

5. Blur the Background

Blurring your background eliminates distractions during meetings and video calls, whether it’s obscuring workplace activities behind you or covering up the trash in your kitchen when working at home. Select blur when using the background filters option while starting a meeting.

6. Jot Down Notes

You can remember the important details of your meeting without having to prepare a Word document or get out a pen and paper. In the meeting window itself, notes can be made. Select meeting notes from the three-dot menu to begin taking notes. By doing so, a panel will appear with which you can begin taking meeting notes.

7. Pin a Message

Is there anything in your chat that everyone needs to pay attention to? Pin it! To do so, move the cursor over the message until the toolbar pops up, then pick Pin by clicking the three dots.