6 Strategies to Increase Your Aim for FPS Games


1. Learn to recognize your weaknesses first
Most gamers spend endless minutes practicing the aim without ever analyzing the reasons behind their goal being unsteady. Do you think it’s your slow reaction time? Maybe you’re having difficulty following the movements of your opponents? There are various reasons for low aim in games, and identifying the problem in your game is the first step in improving your game.
Instead of making excuses for missed shots, you need to think about what you could have done to hit the opponent. Many FPS games come with the death camera, which shows replays of the duel and is extremely useful for those who want to improve their shooting.
If you’ve identified the areas you’re not confident in and are aware of, you can shoot in aim-training applications like Aim Lab for a few minutes every day. However, remember that practicing with actual people is superior to spending hours practicing using bots within a training application.

2. Change the Sensitivity of Your Mouse
If you’re constantly moving your mouse too often or less when you’re aiming it, you must play around with the sensitivity of your game. Professional gamers experiment with different sensitivities before deciding what works best. This is the way to go when you’re serious about gaming.
A higher sensitive setting will let you perform quick movements within the game’s environment, while minor sensitivity can improve accuracy and precision when you’re locked in on the target. Try to find the most comfortable point in which the sensitivity is sufficiently high so that you don’t have to move your mouse around endlessly to shoot at an opponent behind your back but low enough to shoot toward the forehead (or the entire body) with precision.

3. Adjust Your Crosshair’s Positioning in-Game
One of the main problems for players with the poor aim is their inadvertent crosshair position. The wrong purpose is the easiest method to lose any FPS game. If you are a serious player, your crosshair must always be on the enemy’s head. This can significantly reduce the distance between the crosshair of your opponent and your target and allow you to take better shots.
When you’re waiting on an adversary to appear from behind a barrier (wall, for instance), don’t keep your aim very close to the ground since your reflex may not be fast enough to shoot as quickly when the enemy is visible. The adversary will have already moved to the left and away from your target when you decide to take note of the situation and shoot.
One way to avoid this is to set your crosshair just a couple of pixels from the wall. This will ensure that, when an enemy is visible, you have enough time to strike the opponent who is within the area of your crosshair, making it easier to shoot quickly and accurately.


4. Customize Your Crosshair Size
The first step to take before starting a game is to alter the crosshair. A shorter crosshair will allow you to aim more precisely because you know where your bullet will strike the object. Some gamers prefer a tiny square as their crosshair, and others discover that their accuracy increases using a dot-shaped crosshair.
The majority of this boils down to personal taste also. Some players believe that a giant crosshair is more effective for spraying, while smaller ones will give you better headshots. You could select between a giant or smaller crosshair based on the style of play you prefer.

5. Learn to Control Recoil by Tapping
The gun mechanics and recoil used in shooting games make the game appear more realistic. But the random movements of the crosshair could make it challenging to aim, just as in the real world.
The most effective method for controlling recoil is to tap to fire, which is when you fire the tap by pressing your mouse often instead of pressing the button in place and spraying. Tapping will allow you to move the position and “control” the recoil, so the crosshair isn’t shifted away from the object.
In PC games such as CS: GO, the weapons have distinct recoil patterns, a fixed path that the crosshair follows whenever you spray—thinking about knowing these recoil patterns if you cannot do without rushing. You can then move your mouse in the opposite direction of the recoil patterns to regulate the weapon’s recoil and ensure maximum accuracy when spraying.

6. Beware of running while shooting
Like recoil, the mechanism for spreading the bullets is activated when you shoot while running. This can affect your aim since many shots do not reach the target due to the spread.
The fix is simple. Avoid sprinting at all times when you play FPS games. Slowly and calmly move around as you check corners for danger. The difference in shot spread while running and. the crouching position is significant. It is possible that crouching helps you shoot more precisely. This is because fewer movements result in a lesser spread of bullets.