April 17, 2024

An Analysis of Kylie Jenner’s Daily Diet

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Kylie Jenner

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know that Kylie often chooses unhealthy foods and forgoes the morning exercises that her sisters take for granted. So, like us, you’re definitely curious about what Kylie eats on a daily basis to maintain her curves without gaining weight. In her Harper’s Bazaar Food Diaries blog, the famous actress said, “If there was a face of hangry, it would be me.” The trend setter obviously enjoys eating. If you’re wondering about the diet of the cosmetics tycoon, look no further. Here is a comprehensive look at Kylie Jenner’s daily diet, as revealed via her Food Diaries blog, TikTok videos, and Instagram postings.


Kylie claims to drink roughly two jars of bone broth a day, beginning each morning with a special glass flavoured with lavender and lemon.

In addition, she plans to consume a glass (or two) of freshly squeezed celery juice, which helps with weight reduction, cancer prevention, and inflammation. She said on Instagram that she drinks the tea for the health advantages, not the weight reduction.


While applying her daily makeup, Kylie sometimes enjoys a cup of iced coffee or peach tea, despite her efforts to “cut down a little bit” on caffeine use. Her favourite beverage is an Alfred Coffee vanilla iced latte made with oat milk, as seen by her Instagram Story.

Breakfast 2

Kylie has been on record as saying that she isn’t a breakfast person, and that the majority of her morning meals consist of the same three things: “eggs, turkey bacon, and avocado.”

Her taste buds may have matured, as seen by her latest “What I eat in a day” TikTok video. She displayed her matcha latte and a dish of cereal with natural yoghurt and fresh berries.

Breakfast 3

Kylie’s morning breakfast may also include avocado toast, which she dresses up in her own special way by topping with honey and chilli flakes. Banana pancakes, bagels with cream cheese, French toast, cinnamon vanilla pancakes, and maple syrup are all good options for breakfast, as are waffles with raspberries and blueberries.

Breakfast 4

Not very long ago, Kylie tweeted about her first experience having cereal with milk. Her favourite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, although she “actually enjoys” eating cereal dry.

Kylie sometimes chooses more elaborate breakfasts or brunches, like this egg dish with salsa, guacamole, and beans or this omelette with arugula and potatoes.

Breakfast 5


Kylie, who “can’t eat the same thing every day,” often orders lunch from Postmates, despite her need for variety. According to Us Food, her annual spending on the app is at least $10,000, with the Miso Ramen Bowl from JOEY being the second most requested dish.

Its ingredients include red, white and brown misos, a special ‘ramen miso,’ garlic, sesame seed oil, togarashi chili, grilled chicken, grilled corn, bamboo shoots, sun noodles, and a “65-degree egg. #Fancy.


Mexican dishes, such as shrimp tacos, beef burritos, rice, and enchiladas, are also popular choices for lunch. Evidently, “Taco Fridays” are a regular occurrence in the Jenner kitchen.

lunch 2

Kylie enjoys “very bomb tuna sandwich with wheat bread and lettuce” and “kale salads with jalapeos and croutons” from Health Nut, the Kardashians’ preferred takeaway salad bar.

In her “What I eat in a day” TikTok video, she expresses her enthusiasm for their “Chinese Chicken Salad,” a 400-calorie dish made up of fresh greens, almonds, purple cabbage, black sesame seeds, and herbs.

lunch 3


Khloe says that Kylie eats like any other adolescent, but she also pays close attention to what she puts in her body and prefers to consume mostly organic and locally grown foods.

Jenner told Harper’s Bazaar’s “Food Diaries” that she tries to eat healthily even when on the road by preparing meals like lemon chicken with white rice and a side of veggies.

The beauty tycoon’s dinnertime staple is Japanese cuisine, including sushi and matzo ball soup with noodles and carrots. Her TikTok video showed that she also enjoys arugula and cucumber salad, fresh asparagus, and creamy chicken spaghetti on occasion.


Kylie has shown her love for Italian food on Instagram by posting photos of dishes like this one, in which she serves up tomatoes, mozzarella, and either penne alla vodka or homemade tomato-basil pasta.


Kylie enjoys munching on the finest treats. Her favourite midday snack is a package of Justin’s Almond Butter, she told the New York Times in 2015. She also claims to like extra cheesy goldfish crackers, Fritos Chilli Cheese Corn Chips, and Mexican dip with a side of BBQ-flavored Lays.

Before bed, she eats a variety of fruits, such as pomegranate seeds, mango and strawberry slices, frozen grapes, or sliced apples, to curb her desires for unhealthy foods. Keeping hunger at bay with “one apple a day,” Kylie told Harper’s Bazaar. See for yourself, her fruit dish isn’t cheap, therefore she can’t be lying.

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Kylie says junk food is “the bomb,” and we couldn’t agree more.

She isn’t picky about the junk food she eats, but you can always find precisely stacked Oreos and Trader Joe’s Joe-cookies Joe’s (which she calls “the finest cookies ever”) in her kitchen. During the home tour, she said that the black and white motif of the treats was intentional, but we’re willing to bet that she ate at least one of the cookies, too.

In several videos, we’ve watched Kylie whip up batches of cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats with her daughter Stormi.

Eat 2

On Instagram, she has boasted about her famous Candied Yams, lemon cake, cinnamon roll waffles, and cookie pie.

Kylie’s go-to junk food pairing is peanut butter and jelly, but she also loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Diet Coke, Sweet Heat Treats, Strawberry Twizzlers, Fruit Punch Gatorade, Tiny Twist pretzels, and Lucky Charms with only marshmallows.

Treats 2


We all know that Kylie loves shots, in addition to her litre of bone broth and iced drinks, since she often shows her enthusiasm for them in her Drunk Get Ready With Me video. Corona light with lime, Pinot Grigio white wine, and vodka shots are her go-to alcoholic beverages.

In a 2018 TikTok video, she gave viewers a tour of her kitchen and disclosed that some of her healthier beverage options include coconut water and Health-Ade kombucha. Kylie also drinks delicious lemon water with a drop of liquid chlorophyll, which is supposed to be fantastic for the immune system and weight reduction, to improve digestion and promote good skin.

Kylie also often consumes green teas and smoothies; a recent recipe she provided called for frozen bananas and blueberries, baby kale, green juice, and Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus Powder (paid link). 

Treats 3
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