April 20, 2024

The 08 Most Controversial Times Chris Brown Has Ever Had

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown…the very mention of his name may cause a commotion. We’re inquisitive, so tell us how many arguments you created by mentioning his name to your pals.

He is always in the spotlight and has been named one of the best-selling male performers in history. Breezy was once likened to Michael Jackson, so his natural skill is obvious. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency for getting himself into trouble. This bad boy act might easily eclipse his accomplishments at times.

So, what exactly has the Run It hitmaker done to ruin his otherwise stellar reputation? Some of Chris Brown’s most outrageous antics are listed here.

1.     Drake and I are at odds.

It seemed inevitable that Chris Brown and Drake would start feuding over Rihanna, considering they have both previously shown romantic interest in her. After an online feud escalated to violence at a New York nightclub a month later, the two were sued for $16 million.

Eight people were hurt in the bar brawl that began after Brown brought Champagne to Drake’s table and the rapper returned it back with a letter reading, “I’m fu**ing the love of your life.”

Drake attacked Brown and slammed a bottle over his head during the subsequent altercation between the two groups, which left the Loyal singer with a bloody chin. Breezy shared a picture of his bloodied face on Instagram after the altercation.

The two artists reconciled and began working on a joint album.

2.     Frank Ocean is punched.

An incident occurred when Brown parked in Frank Ocean’s parking place without asking to do so. Breezy attempted to brush things off by shaking Ocean’s hand, but Ocean clearly still harboured resentment, as he declined the handshake.

What was Brown’s reaction? Actually, he punched Ocean, reportedly threatening to shoot him and adding, “We can bust you too.” Ocean was injured with cuts on his right index finger and left temple as a result. The confrontation reportedly escalated when one of Brown’s crew members made a homophobic slur towards Ocean.

Don’t leave Chris Brown hanging if he extends his hand to you for a handshake.

3.     In Washington, Men Are Being Assaulted

Breezy was arrested for felony assault only a few months after the hit-and-run incident, when he got into an argument with two guys outside a hotel in Washington, DC. The victim was taken to the hospital, and Chris Brown was given a misdemeanour charge, 36 hours in prison, and anger management treatment.

4.     Access to the UK and Canada Revoked

A year and a few months after the incident involving physical assault with Rihanna, Breezy was refused a visa to the United Kingdom. We maintain the right to deny entrance to the UK to anybody who has been convicted of a severe criminal crime,” the UK’s home office said in a statement. The welfare of the public is one of our top priorities. The United Kingdom treats each application for entry on its own merits.

Not just that. The criminal record Brown earned for beating his ex-girlfriend prevented him from entering Canada in 2015 for a series of performances he had planned.

5.     Chris Brown Romance with Karrueche, Number Twelve

Breakups, disagreements, and feuds have been commonplace in Chris Brown’s romantic relationships. His tangled love life with Karrueche and Rihanna has always grabbed headlines. Chris’s alleged infidelity with RiRi during his relationship with Karrueche sparked a war of words on social media.

After Rihanna verbally attacked Tran in her song Birthday Cake with lines like “Sweeter than that rice cake,” Tran responded by posting a photo of herself clutching a bag of rice cakes with the comment “ima make you my bitch.”

After being attacked on Twitter, Tran quoted a song by Nicki Minaj: “I’m Angelina, you’re Jen/C’mon you see where Brad is at” Rih finished off Minaj’s opponent, Lil Kim, by paraphrasing her: “I’m a leader, y’all on some followinsh*t/Coming in dis game on some modelling sh*t.”

Brown’s affection for the ladies is reciprocated by theirs for him…but evidently not vice versa. He and Karrueche got back together when Rihanna became involved, but their relationship was still unhealthy.

He told his followers at Power 106’s Cali Christmas, “I’m single… because she hooked up with my rival Drake.” Hell with that whore. When Karrueche and Chris reunited, she was devastated to learn that Chris had a daughter named Royalty with another woman.

6.     Chris Brown Stuck in Philippines for Fraud Investigation 

After allegations of fraud surfaced in 2023, Brown was banned from leaving the Philippines for three days. The allegations claimed that he had cashed a $1 million cheque for a performance he had cancelled on New Year’s Eve, 2014. After it was established that Brown had “no other adverse record,” the accusations against him were dismissed, and he was granted permission to go.

After the incident, the artist vented his anger on Twitter, writing, “This is a very serious problem and someone needs to be held responsible for mixing up my name in all this.” I haven’t broken any rules.

7.     Chris Brown Accused of Punching Woman 

Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez said that Chris Brown punched her at a Las Vegas hotel and then stole her phone, adding to the singer’s already lengthy list of scandals. Brown has maintained his innocence all along, but rumours have claimed that they made a $70,000 settlement. Gutierrez has been “stating false charges,” according to the star’s attorney, and “her assertions are completely wrong.”

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8.     Reuniting with Rihanna 

Soon after Breezy was said to be seeing Karrueche Tran, photos of him and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna at a Lakers game surfaced, showing them standing suspiciously close to one another.

Additional cuddly photographs of Brown and Rih together on Instagram continued to circulate, and the two even recorded a couple duets (Birthday Cake, Nobody’s Business) despite their claims to be “just friends” and nothing more.

Later, in an appearance with Oprah, Rihanna said that the two still “love one other and we probably always will,” which sparked even more backlash.

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship officially ended in May of 2023.

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