Eating green means considering biodiversity as well as climate change

I thought my Mediterranean-style diet was helping the planet, but while it has reduced my carbon footprint, it is harmonizing Earth’s biodiversity, finds Graham Lawton


| Columnist

June 15, 2022

Fabio Principe/Shutterstock

I HAVE been writing a lot about food recently, from the perspective of both human and planetary health and longevity. Happily, those two goals are often in harmony – in a nutshell, eat less meat and other animal products – which gives me a healthy inner glow topped with a green halo. I stopped eating the flesh of mammals and birds a few years ago and largely stick to a Mediterranean-style diet, which involves eating more fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

But as I found out recently to my dismay, I may have to relinquish that halo. Like many environmentally conscious eaters, …

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