Fulwood creators make new healthcare clothing a scrub above

Zesti says “it’s time the UK caught up with the US” in healthcare clothing

A group of Fulwood-based creators have launched a new range of scrubs designed to strike the right balance of function and fashion.


Based in Pittman Way and recently launched, Zesti is a premium scrub-based clothing collection that uses a stretch fabric.

Greg Houlston, General Manager, says: “Our healthcare workers need clothing that is practical and comfortable above anything else, yet our market research showed us that when it comes to scrubs with stretch, choice is limited in the UK compared with other markets such as the US.

“We set out to create a brand that answered the need for more flexibility while challenging the perception that workwear should be dull and boring, and Zesti was born – a vibrant and contemporary range of garments, sustainably designed, to inspire confidence and positivity.”

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Zesti comprises three ranges aimed at various sectors of the healthcare market – veterinary, dental, pharmacy, private hospitals and clinics, and private residential or care homes. The company says it aims to push the boundaries between healthcare and beauty and spa workwear.

The Spirit range is an evolution of the ‘typical’ scrub, fashion-forward and manufactured from the specialist material Alsi-Flex™. Combining stretch and sustainability, it uses two-thirds less carbon emissions to manufacture than other comparable fabrics and is Oeko Tex 100 standard approved (the internationally recognised certification and world’s leading health label for textiles).

The ‘Mode’ range celebrates body inclusivity and confidence, with soft polyester elastane stretch fabric for flexibility and functionality, and an eye-catching color palette exclusive to Zesti products. Meanwhile the ‘Power’ range is sports and performance inspired for a design that fuses casual with professional.

A model wearing Zesti healthcare clothing
Zesti has launched with various ranges

Sara Catanzaro, Design Manager, added: “Our tailored garments offer exceptional attention to detail while being strong, hard wearing and resilient, designed exclusively with the healthcare professional in mind.

“They can be laundered domestically or industrially up to 60 degrees, ideal for infection control and suitable for organisations small and large. We’re already witnessing considerable demand as we believe we’ve hit the perfect balance between function and fashion.”

The brand is backed by decades of expertise, having been created by parent company Alsico, one of the largest producers of workwear in Europe, manufacturing everything from nurse’s uniforms and lab coats to food trade clothing and PPE.

To learn more about the range visit the Zesti website.

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