Invisible Woman’s Worst Costume Gets The Perfect Modern Update

Invisible Woman’s worst Marvel Comics costume gets a tremendous modern update in fan art that breathes new life into her ugliest ensemble.

Sue Storm’s worst costume gets the perfect modern update, as the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman trades in her Malice look for something much better. The Invisible Woman’s dominatrix-like Malice ensemble gets a much-needed fresh redo in new fan art from artist Rachael Stott. The new design offers something different that doesn’t belittle the hero and shows how she could keep the edge from the original ugly costume without looking completely ridiculous.

While the Invisible Woman has one of the most iconic costumes in comics with her usual Fantastic Four outfits, two looks stand out for being among her absolute worst. First, Sue Storm was given a skimpy outfit featuring an unnecessary boob window, considered one of her most hated costumes. However, soon after, her Malice transformation was revealed, which might be even worse. When Sue Storm became possessed by the villain Malice, her negative emotions and dark side formed the villain. The version of the Invisible Woman wore a revealing one-piece suit with spikes throughout that made her look more like a dominatrix than a villain. Now, that look is getting a great, modern update.


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On her Twitter page, current Fantastic Four artist Rachael Stott shared her new fan art design for the Invisible Woman’s Malice costume. The costume keeps the bodysuit design of Malice but takes it in an entirely different direction. Malice wears a light blue outfit, that gets darker as it goes down her arms. Sue Storm keeps Malice’s one-piece bodysuit, but gets shoulder pads, and has her upper body more covered up while her long-flowing blonde hair shines. Perhaps the coolest change is her mask, which now covers her eyes, while the black spikes are made red, with red sides adding a new dimension to the look.

Stott shared a closer look at the mask, which looks better than Malice’s old one.

Sue Storm’s Malice is a version of the Invisible Woman that should never return in the comics. The villainous version of the hero wore one of the most sexist and ugliest costumes in comics that had no redeeming qualities. However, with her redesign, Rachael Stott gives the Fantastic Four hero’s dark side a much-needed update that somehow turns a terrible outfit into one we wouldn’t mind seeing used in a story. Considering how awful Malice originally was, giving her a functional design is quite the feat. While most readers want to forget about Malice’s time with the Fantastic Fourthe new fan art look for the Invisible Woman shows maybe seeing her return and reclaim her identity would make for a welcome storyline.

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Source: Rachael Stott – Twitter

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