Keir Starmer news latest: Labor leader says he’ll resign if fined over Beergate

Watch live as Keir Starmer makes statement over ‘Beergate’

Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to resign if police conclude that he broke Covid rules during a work event in Durham dubbed “beergate”.

The Labor leader said he was “absolutely clear” that he had not broken any rules but said it was a “matter of principle and honor”, ​​having called for the resignation of the prime minister and chancellor after they were fined for a Covid breach.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has said that Tory attacks on the Labor leader were part of a “massive operation” to divert attention away from Boris Johnson’s “serial breaching” of lockdown rules.

Ms Sturgeon said with a police investigation underway it “would be wrong for me to comment in any more detail”, but added: “What I do think is pretty obvious is that there is a massive operation underway on the part of the Conservatives to divert attention from Boris Johnson.

“And not just Boris Johnson’s single breaking of the rules, but what appears to have been a serial breaching of the rules and, of course, Boris Johnson’s inability to be straight with the House of Commons.”


Important public don’t think all politicians are the same, says Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer was asked whether he “jumped the gun” in calling for Boris Johnson to resign before he was fined.

“The prime minister has decided not to resign … That is his choice, but it is very important that the public don’t think that all politicians are the same,” Mr Starmer said.

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 16:16


Starmer says he would step down if fined

Sir Keir Starmer is making his statement now.

He says he is “absolutely clear” no rules were broken, but adds that if police fined him, he would “do the right thing and step down”.

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Watch live as Keir Starmer makes statement over ‘Beergate’

Watch live as Keir Starmer makes statement over ‘Beergate’

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 16:02


No 10 fails to rule out £1,000 energy bill price rise

Downing Street has not ruled out the possibility that energy bills could rise by nearly £1,000 when the regulator reviews the price cap in the autumn.

It comes after the boss of ScottishPower, Keith Anderson, said that energy bills are likely to go up by that amount for millions of households around the country when the price cap is reviewed in October.

Asked if the government recognised this figure, and if it was in the “ballpark” of its expectations, the PM’s official spokesperson did not rule it out.

“I can’t comment on speculation – obviously that … wouldn’t be right for me to do so,” he told reporters.

“With Ofgem, I think it’s fair to say that we do expect there to be further increases later in the year, the Chancellor has talked about that and has made clear that we will look to do what we can to help with energy bills in the autumn when we know more about what the prices will (be).”

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 15:56


Johnson warns he risks EU sanctions with assault on Human Rights Act

The UK is risking sanctions from the EU if Boris Johnson pursues his expected assault on the Human Rights Act, a Brexit legal expert is warning.

The Queen’s Speech is expected to include a Bill to water down the landmark 1998 legislation, a shake-up that has prompted accusations of racism in its removal of key safeguards.

But it is also expected to remove the need for UK courts to follow decisions made by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which would trigger a new clash with Brussels.

Read the report from our deputy political editor, Rob Merrick:

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Starmer to make statement at 4pm

Labor is yet to formally comment on whether Sir Keir Starmer will pledge to resign if he is fined, but a Labor source told The Independent There will be “some movement in the next few hours”.

It was later announced Sir Keir will deliver a statement at 4pm.

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 15:12


Millions warned they face £1,000 energy bill rise

The government must take urgent action and help the poorest households months before energy bills will rise again ahead of the winter months, the boss of a major energy company has said.

Keith Anderson, who leads ScottishPower, said that energy bills are likely to go up by nearly another £1,000 for millions of households around the country next winter.

“Given what’s going to happen in October, we think that urgent action is required to put in place a mechanism to support customers through this period,” he said.

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 14:52


Asylum seekers to be threatened with Rwanda flight this week

Asylum seekers are expected to be told this week they could be sent to Rwanda as part of the Government’s latest deportation policy.

It is understood the Home Office will notify the first group of people that they face a one-way ticket to the East African nation, amid legal challenges over the plans.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the flights could take place within the next few weeks, with a small number of single men set to be removed in the first instance.

Boris Johnson said tens of thousands of people could be flown to Rwanda under the agreement.

But The Times reported that modeling by Home Office officials indicated that only 300 a year could be sent there. The department later said it did not recognise the figure and there was no cap on the number of people who may be sent to Rwanda.

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 14:31


Starmer considers pledge to resign if police find he broke Covid laws

Sir Keir Starmer is considering whether to commit to resigning if police find he broke coronavirus rules as he battles to regain the political initiative while pressing Boris Johnson over his own fine.

The Labor leader was understood to be in talks on Monday about whether to announce the pledge, after pulling out of a scheduled event where he would have faced fresh questions.

Allies insisted he was not “ducking scrutiny” by canceling his attendance at the discussion, as he is investigated by police over the Durham beer-and-curry gathering in April last year.

Tom Batchelor9 May 2022 14:10


Sturgeon plans to offer ‘refreshing’ case for Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon said her government will soon offer a refreshed case for Scottish independence, insisting recent election results showed there was a “growing sense that the UK in its current state is not serving the needs of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland”.

The Scottish first minister spoke out after Sinn Fein won the most seats, 27 out of 90, in last week’s Stormont elections, entitling a non-unionist politician to take the role of Northern Ireland’s first minister fro the first time.

Ms Sturgeon said this was a signal of “big changes in the years to come”, adding “I’m convinced one of those changes will be Scottish independence.”

She said her government would start to set out white papers for independence “in the very near future”.

It has been almost a decade since the previous independence white paper was published and Ms Sturgeon promised the new paper would be “refreshing” and put the “very positive case for independence”.

Liam James9 May 2022 13:52

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