MOON KNIGHT Concept Art Reveals A Very Different Setting For The Show’s Epic Final Battle

Some newly revealed Moon Knight concept art confirms that the Disney+ series very nearly had a different setting for its epic final battle, and we can’t deny this would have been pretty fun to see…

The introduction of Jake Lockley in Moon Knight‘s awesome mid-credits scene has somewhat overshadowed the fact that the finale also featured the MCU’s first Kaiju battle! In that, a gigantic Khonshu squared off with Ammit high above the pyramids in Cairo while Moon Knight and the Scarlet Scarab battled Arthur Harrow and his followers on the city’s streets below.

Now, concept artist Jeffrey Read has shared some of his work from the Disney+ series on ArtStation revealing that London was once considered for Moon Knight‘s final battle.

That would have made sense given Steven Grant’s ties to the English capital, and it appears Egypt was coming to London! “[It] tricky to find an angle where squeezing all the landmarks in wouldn’t be entirely unrealistic but think we found a good spot,” the artist explains, adding: “As an Englishman, I can confirm Oscar Isaacs accent was great and in fact very endearing!”

Read also shared a design for an alternation location Marc Spector and Steven could have met Taweret for the first time. “I absolutely loved the scenes around the afterlife ship but sadly this room was never incorporated,” he notes. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! The room was going to be slightly upscaled to fit Tareret which I think was a neat idea.”

It’s always a treat to see what might have been, but we can’t complain too much about how Moon Knight‘s final turned out. There had been some concerns about the show wouldn’t stick the landing, but even with a surprisingly short final episode, it managed to deliver a satisfying end to the story.

Check out this concept art from Moon Knight below:



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