MOON KNIGHT Concept Art Reveals Some Alternate Takes On Steven Grant Suited Up As Mr. Knight

Some new Moon Knight concept art shows us a few different takes on Steven Grant’s Mr. Knight costume, revealing how it could have looked before Marvel Studios chose to stick close to the comics.

Early on in Moon Knight, we were introduced to Mr. Knight. In the comic books, this is a persona used by Marc Spector to patrol the streets of New York City, though the Disney+ series made it Steven Grant’s idea of ​​a superhero costume (when he was repeatedly told to “summon the suit”).

In the final, [SPOILER WARNING] Steven finally embraced his powers alongside Marc and kicked a lot of ass as Mr. Knight. However, they both ended their deal with Khonshu shortly after, leaving us to wonder if we’ll see this character again; Jake Lockley has gone from taxi driver to limo driver, and transports Khonshu around in the “SPKTR” vehicle once used by Mr. Knight in the comic books. On the page, that was driven around by an AI, but it’s been cleverly repurposed for the MCU.

Thanks to Character Sculptor and Costume Illustrator Raphael Imhotep, we have some very interesting alternate designs for Mr. Knight’s costume, some of which include a hood (obviously).

In these Instagram posts, the artist also shares some of his inspirations, including UFC fighter Conor McGregor. The designs were clearly created early on in Moon Knight‘s production, and Imhotep might not have been aware of how quirky a character Steven would be at that point in time.

Take a look at this newly released Moon Knight concept art below:


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