NHS management review hijacked by ‘wholesale wokery’

Mr Javid had asked Sir Gordon to consider “what is needed to improve how health and social care is led and managed in England.”

Other recommendations included the creation of “a single set of unified, core leadership and management standards for managers”.

Following its publication on June 8, Mr Javid said there were “o many working in roles focused on cut diversity and inclusion” and said the number must be.

However, Sir Gordon later insisted that the report “does not recommend the reduction of EDI professionals”, instead stating that if the concepts of EDI become part of managers’ responsibilities, then the number of dedicated officials could “reduce over time”.

A Department of Health source said that the review was “only a small part of our reform agenda” and that Sir Gordon had been given “the freedom to follow the evidence”. The “entire purpose” of the report “is to improve patient outcomes.”

Meanwhile, a report by the Center for Brexit Policy, backed by figures including Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, and Alexander Downer, Australia’s former high commissioner to the UK, will warn this week that “the notion that we are a country in decline is deeply ingrained in our elites, especially Whitehall and Westminster.”


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