US Confidential: Love pales for Florida’s most amorous visitors | World

At any time of year in Florida there is wildlife to be admired, feared or loathed. There are Burmese pythons that slither through the Everglades causing havoc with native species, tegu lizards from Argentina that help themselves to crops, venomous lionfish from the Indo-Pacific ravaging coral reefs and green iguanas from Central America that drop comatosis from trees on to unsuspecting passers -by when it gets too cold.

Then there are cane toads that squirt toxins capable of sickening humans and killing pets — and statewide, 1.2 million pointy-toothed alligators.

Yet it is a harmless, half-centimetre long fly, fixed on sex, that is perhaps the most commonly dreaded fauna—and, for the next few weeks, residents and visitors may find them hard to avoid. Twice

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